Hassle-Free RVA City Council Contacts

Map of City Council Districts: RichmondCityCouncilMap

(NOTE: This map is from the last City Council term… the city hasn’t updated the districts to reflect their new representatives, but the district geography hasn’t changed)

City Council Fax: 804.646.5468 

North Central 2nd Voter District

Charles R. Samuels

Office:  804.646.6532

Email Address:  Charles.Samuels@richmondgov.com

Councilman Samuels’ personal website: charlesrsamuels.com

Liaison: Jan Girardi

Office: 804.646.6532

E-mail: jan.giardi@richmondgov.com

Gateway 6th Voter District

Ellen Robertson

Office: 804.646.7964

E-mail: ellen.robertson@richmondgov.com

Website: ellenrobertson.com

Liason: Hope Elliot

E-mail: hope.elliot@richmondgov.com

Northside 3rd Voter District

Chris Hilbert

Office: 804.646.6055

Website: http://www.chrishilbert.com

Liason: Lisa Townes

Phone: 804.646.6055

E-mail: lisa.townes@richmondgov.com

Southwest 4th Voter District

Kathy Graziano

Office: 804.320.2454

E-mail: kathy.graziano@richmondgov.com

Website: http://www.kathygraziano.com

Liason: Tim Grimes

Office: 804.320.2454

E-mail: timothy.grimes@richmondgov.com

East End 7th Voter District

Cynthia I. Newbille

Office: 804.646.3012

E-mail: cynthia.newbille@richmondgov.com

Liason: Samuel Patterson

Office: 804.646.3012

E-mail: sam.patterson@richmondgov.com

Southside 8th Voter District

Reva M. Trammell

Home: 804.233.7382

Mobile: 804.240.5050

E-mail: reva.trammell@richmondgov.com

Liason: Henry Mease

Office: 804.646.6591

E-mail: henry.mease@richmondgov.com

South Central 9th Voter District

Michelle R. Mosby

Office: 804.646.5497

E-mail: michelle.mosby@richmondgov.com

Website: http://www.michellemosby.com

Liaison: Uzziah Anthony Harris

E-mail: uzziah.harris@richmondgov.com

Central 5th Voter District: 

Parker C. Agelasto

Office: 804.646.6050

E-mail: parker.agelasto@richmondgov.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/parkercagelasto

Liaison: Ida I. Jones

Office: 804.646.5724

E-mail: ida.i.jones@richmondgov.com

West End 1st Voter District

Jonathan T. Baliles

Office: 804.646.5349

E-mail: jonathan.baliles@richmondgov.com

Website: http://www.jonbaliles.com

Liaison: Eli Wong

Office: 804.646.5935

E-mail: eli.wong@richmondgov.com